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AAN stock price daily analysis: AARONS INC

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Last updated:12/12/14
Next update:12/15/14

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AAN stock price ended nearly flat on 12/12/14 after a two-day drop.

AAN closing price dropped from 27.87 on 12/04/14 to 27.8 on 12/05/14. The price then climbed to 27.93 on 12/08/14. The stock closed at 26.85 on 12/10/14, lower than 27.48, the closing price on 12/12/14.
AAN stock has followed this pattern 4 times over the last 11 months and the stock closed HIGHER 50.00 % of the times on the next trading day.

AAN stock closing Price Pattern Analysis.

Pattern occured 4 times over the last 11 months .
AAN stock closed Higher 50.00% of the times on the next trading day.

AAN stock candlestick chart analysis

AAN stock chart analysis

AAN stock long term moving average pattern analysis

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